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Upcoming events by Alexander Digital

Below are some upcoming events in 2019 hosted by Alexander Digital.

2019 Principles Course

Be on the ground floor of a new movement in Orthodontics! Join orthodontists from around the world  at the 2019 Principles Course in Texas!

AD Study Club

Join us for an educational event on February 8-9, 2019 for the Alexander Discipline Study Club of America Meeting in Arlington Texas!


Alexander Digital Testimonies

After hearing your programs several times over the past 30 years, I still really enjoy your programs as they change and continue to improve. I always leave with lots of new concepts that help upgrade the quality of my orthodontics.- Jack Allen - USA
To my best teacher…my life and entire orthodontic profession are profoundly better because of your untiring efforts. May you continue to be richly blessed, Dr. Wick, as you are such a blessing to others!- Dr. Tom Stark - USA
The Alexander Discipline doesn’t restrict doctor’s creative freedom and self-expression as every patient is unique. I dare say the Alexander Discipline is like a score and the notes in music. Reading them you can become a Mozart in orthodontics.- Dr. Mamontova Irina - Russia
You will never realize how important you have been to me as an instructor, mentor, teacher, role model and friend. You made that extra-special effort toward me while I was in school and I will always appreciate it.- W. Jim Moore - USA
I have always considered you as an outstanding clinician. You have certainly “learned” a lot, and you have also “taught” a lot over the years. Many of those that learned from you have been in teaching positions, so as they teach others what they learned from you, you have had a really positive impact on our specialty.- Robert Freeman - USA
I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned from you. From how to adjust a headgear to how to motivate a patient. I know I will use something you taught me every day.- Dr. Kimberly Gronberg - USA
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