Who Alexander Digital is and what we do.



The Alexander Discipline 20 Principles have been a guide for 100’s of Orthodontists for over 30 years. “We have proof that when an Orthodontist operates by a set of principles, the results of the practice and the patients treated in that practice are the best outcome possible.” Dr. Moody Alexander


When the proper Orthodontic Principles are applied, Long Term Stability is the result. A cornerstone of AD is Longer Stability. We operate under the rule of Effort equals results and the result of the effort for over 30 tears is long-term stability. The Alexander Room of Truth is the proof. 


As the future unfolds, Alexander Digital will begin to rise up as a leader in the global Orthodontic community. Alexander Digital is taking the time-tested principles/truths we know make Orthodontics better and playing them in a digital format made available through various digital events and products.


Everything is better in a community. Through our various Social Media platforms and the soon to launch ADOrtholab.com we are seeking to build community. 


In the past, the Alexander Bracket was what we were known for … while the bracket is still a major part of our strategy, with new advances coming soon, we see what we’re doing now and certainly in the future as so much more than a bracket. We are now operating under a statement of helping Orthodontists personally and professionally by providing a digital training environment. 


As we move into the future, we believe strongly that new developments/ ideas/ movements/philosophies are vital to everything we are all trying to do. Alexander Digital is committed to bringing new ideas and ready to embrace new developments as we continue to evolve as a profession.


A cornerstone of the original Alexander Discipline and the current Alexander Digital platform is collaboration. You learn from us, we learn from you. We dream together, build together, struggle together, and make each other better. Teamwork makes the dream work and the future is bright because we are committed to collaboration.


What the world needs most is love and we are committed to being love individually and as a corporation. The world is a divided place and we see our role, at least in the Orthodontic community as catalysts of love. Our events will always contain a division of making the world better through Love, our online events will consistently contain a division of love. We hope that as a result of our effort, there will be pockets of Orthodontic leaders all over the world shining as bright lights of love in the dark places in our communities. 



The Alexander Discipline is a combination of time proven “truths” learned from past orthodontic giants and over 40 years of trial, error, evaluation, and research.

By connecting these experiences, the result is the profession’s most studied, researched, and proven technique. During the past 30 years, Dr. Wick Alexander has lectured around the world and will continue to do so in the future.  In addition his brother C. Moody Alexander, sons Chuck and J. Moody and nephew Cliff also lecture throughout the US and abroad.

Our purpose is to share this knowledge with you. This can be accomplished by studying our published material and attending our teaching seminars.


Dr. Wick Alexander, founder of the Alexander Discipline, spent the majority of his professional Orthodontic career teaching, writing, and building the Orthodontic community. Dr. Wick has literally traveled around the world meeting face to face with thousands of professionals in the field of Orthodontics. He has written multiple text books on the topic and is considered to be a true pioneer in this incredible arena. As time has passed a new generation of Alexander Doctors has stepped into the field and are now leading the movement into the future.

“We have a sense of calling to keep the Alexander Discipline alive, but not just alive, but on to a new level. Our plan is to use Alexander Digital to do just that.” Dr. J. Moody Alexander

The Team

The people who make all of Alexander Digital possible

Wick Alexander


Wick is part of the Alexander family and is the founder behind the 20 Principles of the Alexander Discipline.

Moody Alexander


Moody is part of the Alexander family and is one of the founders behind all things Alexander Digital.

Chuck Alexander


Chuck is part of the Alexander family and is one of the founders behind all things Alexander Digital.

Cliff Alexander


Cliff is part of the Alexander family and is one of the founders behind all things Alexander Digital.

Scott Burks

Creative & Marketing Director

Scott is head creative and manages all the marketing plans, strategies and graphics for Alexander Digital.

Becky Davis


Becky works in administration for Alexander Digital and helps with everything to make this platform possible.

Brittany Hansen

Marketing Assistant

Brittany assists in managing marketing, social media, emails, website updates and graphics for Alexander Digital.

Elisa San Juan


Elisa works in administration for Alexander Digital and helps with everything to make this platform possible.

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